Air Conditioning Services

We are ready standing by to help when your air conditioning unit needs repair or when it’s time to get a complete air conditioning unit replacement.

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services

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Hicks HVAC specializes in air conditioning services.

We are ready standing by to help when your air conditioning unit needs repair or when it’s time to get a complete air conditioning unit replacement.

No matter the problem we have the solution. Our skilled air conditioning technicians specialize in diagnostics and will quickly have the correct solution to your air conditioning units problem.

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Air Conditioning Services

A well-maintained central air conditioning system will provide a family or business with many years of comfortable and healthy indoor living. Modern HVAC equipment is complex, and it is critical to select an installing contractor that understands the science behind air distribution. We recognize the significant investment our customers make in purchasing a new air conditioner, and we are committed to providing outstanding service and exceptional value.

A/C Installation

For both air conditioning repair and installation, it is important to hire a contractor that has been trained and certified in comprehensive system design. This training is critical for both new construction and retrofit applications where improperly sized equipment can result in higher utility bills, poor humidity control and inadequate air movement. A central air conditioning system should never be replaced before running load calculations to determine the capacity requirements of the new equipment.

Once the appropriate model has been selected, our professional technicians will install the system with minimal disruption to your home or office. Our lead installer is NATE certified, which serves to identify his vast knowledge of HVAC mechanics and the refrigeration cycle.

As a full-service heating and cooling provider, we recognize the importance of both air conditioning repair and installation. Air conditioners always seem to malfunction at the most inconvenient time, which is often during the heat of summer. Hicks HVAC techs are courteous, live operators that understand the frustration associated with a system failure. Once they are dispatched to your home or office, out certified service techs will conduct a series of tests to quickly and accurately identify the nature of the problem. Our flat-rate pricing structure clearly defines the total cost of the repair and eliminates hidden surprises.
To avoid ongoing air conditioning repair and installation problems, many customers choose to purchase an equipment maintenance agreement. The included semi-annual system tune up can help identify faulty components before they actually fail. During every visit, we inspect and test the electronics, motors, refrigerant lines, compressor and other moving parts. The unit will also be recalibrated and adjusted to meet the manufacturer’s original specifications.
The advancement of HVAC technology has led to the production of air conditioning equipment that features improved efficiency and better climate control. In fact, a new air conditioner with a high SEER rating can save as much as 40% on annual cooling costs when compared to a unit that is 10 years or older.

Free estimates on complete air conditioning unit replacement of your air conditioning system, and financing options are available. Just ask us! Hicks HVAC is ready to evaluate all your air conditioning needs. We’ll go over each and every step so you completely understand the process. We always Guarantee 100% Satisfaction and friendly affordable service!

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Jeremy and Coley are incredible. Very dedicated to their customers and such good people too.
Kenny B.

Called this morning and by 2pm my unit was fixed fast and is now cooling again!! Awesome work. Thanks Jeremy!!
Angela G.

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